E. Michael Laviolette

Professor in Paris, France

Born in Mauritius, living in Paris, I'm a traveler, a gourmet and an art enthusiast. I do consider myself as an esthete...in a "Wilde" sense. We sometimes face ugliness around us...but I most often whistle to myself "What a wonderful world"...So why not contribute to make it more beautiful...

As an academic scholar, I'm interested in why and how people create, emulate, innovate and develop new business activities from and within existing organizations & broader socio-economic systems. "Life is like a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving" A. Einstein

My research builds on resources, capabilities and network theories and I have published several articles on spin-offs, entrepreneurial skills and leadership, role models and entrepreneurial self-efficacy and clusters as institutions.

  • Work
    • Novancia Business School Paris
  • Education
    • IAE Lyon, University of Lyon School of Management